Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Sorry I've been MIA on you. I've been busy with cosmetology school and by the time I get home I'm exhausted. But I'm out sick today so I thought I post something today.

Over the weekend me and some of the girls from my school went to a hair show in Baltimore, Maryland. And let me tell was a total BLAST!  I did however learn something about my school. It SUCKS majorly! After talking with students from other schools we realized just how little our school teaches us and how crappy it is.  So here's my thinking and I could use some help.....We were thinking about transferring to The Paul Mitchell school in the northern VA area.  Now here's my problem. 1. housing would be expensive. yes I would be sharing an apartment with 2 other girls but from places that I've look up it's still going to cost close to $600 a person. 2. I would have to have a job and I'm not sure if I could work enough hours to make enough for rent and other necessities. 3. The school is probably going to cost a TON of money. A lot more than what I paying now. Granted  I would have grants and student loans I wouldn't be paying right now but I still would owe that money.  I know it sounds like I making excuses not to go but honestly, I really want to make this work out.  I know the opportunities I receive once I graduate would be a hell of a lot better if I went to The Paul Mitchell school than the one I'm in now.  Any suggestions would be great!  Hope everyone has a wonderful day!