Monday, October 31, 2011


As a cosmetologist, I must admit I'm a product snob.  I firmly believe you get what you pay for.  So I am willing to spend more on products especially when it comes to my hair.  After all, I am a walking advertisement for myself.  I naturally have darker hair but for a while I had been bleaching it so that it was blonde.  Lighter hair just looks better with my complexion.  But it was ruining my hair.  My hair was so dry and damaged that it was starting to look like...well crap.  I starting using Redken's Anti-snap from their extreme line. The difference in my hair was amazing!  I highly recommend it if you have really dry hair due to color or bleach processing or you put a lot of heat on your hair.  It's also a great detangler and leave in treatment.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

my favorite things.....

Here's just a few of my favorite things (cue Julie Andrews)....

a light scent that I just love!

  I could literally spend hours in this store!

I highly recommend this.  I always use it before my eyeshadow and it not only keeps it from creasing but makes it last a long time as well.

I love the whole line of bare minerals.  It's also one of the few things I can wear that actually has spf in it.

I love the brushes from Sephora Collection I.T.  Not only are they awesome but they come in cool bright colors.

Now I could make this post go on forever but I'll leave it at these today.  Otherwise it would take you a week to read it!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and a great halloween tomorrow.  Seeing as my daughter is only 11 weeks old we will not be dressing up this year.  Plus it's been unseasonably cold this year.  She does have a cute 1st halloween onesie and bib though.