Friday, October 16, 2009

Hello All

Just starting out with the blogging. When you meet me you wouldn't think that I am obsessed with beauty or beauty products but my bathroom in over flowing with all sorts of products. Seeing me at work I probably don't seem like a girly-girl at all but really I am. I recently got divorced and I must say I let myself go. It all started maybe 2 years ago when my ex told me he didn't have anyone to impress anymoore. Well unfortunantly, I adopted that mantra and well it all went down hill from there. Now that I'm starting over, I guess you could say I'm reinventing myself. Or maybe just going back to my roots. I'm even getting ready to start cosomotology school in Novemeber which I'm very excited about. Since I'm just starting out this is it for now. Later, I'll be writing about my favorite products and whatnot. And if you're like me and allergic to alot then you'll love what I have to say. Take care!