Sunday, October 18, 2009

"You make me Smile" award

So I've been awarded the you make me smile award from my bestest friend. Funny thing is I just started this blog but I'll play along. So let see.....I'm supposed to name a song that makes me smile and the blogs that make me smile. Soooo the song that makes me smile right now is actually by Jessica Simpson. It's called "When I loved you like that". I've recently been divorced and this song makes me laugh. It's all about how she basically worship the guy and he neglected her no matter how much she tried to show him affection. And yeah well I understand that. My favorite part is the end where she says go home and make love to her and picture me. I love that part! And soooo true to my life right now. Anyhoo.....blogs that make me smile. Well I don't expect her to repost this but
She is my bestest friend ever!
I love her how-to videos and the stuff she does is amazing.
I love the way she uses color!

Sorry that you can't click on the blogs. I haven't quite figured out this thing yet so to check them out you'll have to copy and paste.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!